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Decluttering Your Home Can Mean Big Changes For Your Life

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We all have extra items in our home. Over the years, it is inevitable that our house will become full of things that take up a lot of space, but don’t necessarily get the use that we once intended. Ridding your home of these extra items, or decluttering, can have surprising benefits on many areas of your life.  Caring Transitions Cincinnati West has compiled a list of many benefits you can immediately see from decluttering your space.  Decluttering can allow you to have a home that will promote health, happiness & joy.   

Use your space more efficiently- Getting rid of extra items allows you more space to do the things you need to do in your home.  Does your house have an extra room or basement that is full of stuff? Think of the things you could use that space for, activities that you enjoy- maybe a workout space, reading nook, office or craft room. Decluttering can allow you to have a space that you actually use instead of a room acting as a glorified storage container.

Decrease your stress- Taking care of a lot of stuff can be both physically and mentally exhausting.  Decluttering your home can give you more time to do the things you really want to be doing.  Research tells us that the more stuff we have, the higher our stress level can be.  Perhaps clearing your space can give you the calm and peace you are looking for in the comfort of your home.

Sell your home for more money- First impression is everything when selling your home.  Potential buyers do not want to see stacks of books, paperwork, and household or personal items tucked in every corner of your house. It can make your space appear unorganized, unkempt & dirty.  Potential buyers could also assume that you do not maintain your home to the level they would expect if your personal items are around for all to see.  Clearing your space of clutter allows people to see the space in a clean way and can make your home appear larger.  

Connect with your loved ones- Many of us hesitate to invite others into our home because it is not as clean as we would want and we don’t want to take on the task of straightening up the amount of items we have stored all around.  Decluttering can give you a space that you are proud of. Maybe you could host that book club or small group at your place next time. Perhaps that spare bedroom has been full of extra clothes or personal items that you don’t even use. Imagine instead that it is filled with friends or family that you could spend time with!

Decide what is important to you- Over the years, we collect a lot of things. Some of these no doubt have a special place in our heart.  Many items give us joy or fond memories. However, many of the things we are holding onto are merely taking up space just in case we might use them one day.  The process of decluttering provides the time & space to go through our things and decide what really matters to us. When we make those selections and get rid of the rest, we can take better care of the items that are important to us.

Keep yourself safe- The more items we have in a space, the harder it is to navigate and move through the house. Having a home full of items can be a real physical danger to you no matter what your age.  We see many clients who no longer even have access to their items because it is in a space that is no longer accessible to them. Others have rooms so jammed pack full of stuff that they could not find what they are looking for even if they tried.  Decluttering can be a matter of life or death if the homeowner has any kind of physical limitations.  The risk of a fall can be extremely higher when the amount of stuff in a space is increased. Clearing out items can also allow someone using mobility equipment to navigate a space and get from room to room.

Stay healthy- We all know how important it is to stay healthy, especially if you already experience physical ailments or illnesses.  The more stuff you have in a home, the most dust & dirt you will collect in a space. Decluttering can help keep a space clean and allergen free.

Speaking of cleaning-  It can be incredibly difficult to keep a space clean, especially as we get older or we have any physical limitations.  Having less stuff means we have less to clean and keep tidy. Sounds like a win to us!

Find your treasures- Have you ever cleaned out your closet and found your favorite shirt that you forget you even owned?! Decluttering your home can allow you to find your prized possessions or things that bring you joy.  Going through stuffed drawers or stacks of bins can uncover some real treasures that you can then put in a proper place where they will be taken care of and enjoyed.

Make moving a breeze- Moving is never easy no matter where you are going.  It is inevitable that we will all experience moves during our next phases in life. Decluttering in stages can allow you to have a much smoother process when you are facing your next move. It can take the stress out of an already stressful situation.

Give your family a break- It is not something anyone wants to think or talk about, but eventually we are all going to pass away. Our stuff can be a huge burden on our family & friends after we die. Decluttering can simplify the process of our family handling our estate.  It can also ensure that the proper people receive the things that we want them to.  Being organized in our home can allow our family & friends to know how to handle all of our belongings and relieve the huge task of dealing with all of our stuff. In an already emotional & stressful time, having less to sort through is one less thing for your family to worry about in this difficult time.

Help those in need- Are you really going to use those dishes you packed away 3 years ago and have never touched since? The answer is most likely no, but imagine the joy you could give to another who does not have the resources to have the things in life that they need! Donating your clutter could directly help those in your community who do not have any other way to get basic items for their homes.  Letting go of items you don’t use can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Are you ready to take next steps to declutter? It can be a wonderful thing to accomplish but a daunting task. Caring Transitions Cincinnati West offers services where professionals can assist you throughout the process. Contact Caring Transitions today for a free consultation!

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