Family Heirlooms

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"Scattered families, warp-speed lifestyles, and changing tastes have resulted in a growing inventory of orphaned heirlooms — from fine china and formal furniture to old photos and love letters."

When it comes to family heirlooms, they are usually discarded quickly because no one in the family wants to deal with the issues they bring up. They may be too large, seen as too old, or seen as having no value to the family or anyone else. Most importantly families do not want to go through a family member's items because of the feelings they bring up. We at Caring Transitions Cincinnati West will take care of these precious family pieces and make sure they get to the right member of the family, sold to someone who will appreciate the item's value, or donate the item to a charity of the family's choice.  We are here to make sure that these special heirlooms are treated with the respect they deserve.

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